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Best payment methods for sports bettors

As sports betting is slowly becoming one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world, more people are getting involved in betting. And one of the most important attractions to bettors is the wins and incentives they get from betting on sports. Besides the wins you get from betting, most bookmakers offer bonuses and promotions; you can see the 20Bet Bonus with various exciting offers.

But one crucial thing that is not often addressed is the choice of payment methods bettors use. Since there are a plethora of choices, it may be challenging to determine the best option for you. Therefore, this article summarizes the best payment methods you can choose.

Five best payment methods for sports bettors

Five best payment methods for sports bettors

Bookmakers have diverse payment options for bettors, and while some are broader than others, you’ll definitely find one that works for you in the sportsbook of your choice. Also, choosing a suitable payment method is essential to determining how smooth your deposit and withdrawal process will be while betting. Here are a few good choices of payment methods

Credit card

Credit/debit cards are among the most common payment methods available in most online sportsbooks. They accept MasterCard and Visa; others even take American Express and Discover cards as payment methods. You must know how to use a debit card if you’ve ever bought anything online. They are a fast and secure method of payment.


With over 200 million users worldwide, PayPal is a reputable payment processor and has earned the acceptability of many businesses and industries. It guarantees fast withdrawals, and you can easily monitor your transactions. In addition, it is a tested and trusted payment method available on most online sportsbooks.


This is the new payment method, and almost everyone in the 21st century is conversant with cryptocurrency. While not everyone uses it, it has become one of the most preferred payment methods because of its privacy, safety and security afforded by blockchain technology. It is also easy to avoid being scammed using this. Many online bookmakers accept cryptocurrency payments, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Litecoin.



Skrill is an excellent alternative payment method for bettors. It is also one of the most popular e-wallets worldwide even though it doesn’t cover the range like Paypal. It also has exciting features, including the accessible app, VIP programmes and prepaid MasterCard. However, one disadvantage of this payment processor is that it may disqualify you from promotions on bookmakers.

Bank transfer

It’s easy to move funds from your bank account to a sportsbook which is why many bettors use this payment method. Online sportsbooks mainly accept bank transfers for a deposit, so you’ll find this an option when you want to make a deposit. It’s reliable, safe and convenient. However, it may not be suitable as a withdrawal method because of the delay in completing withdrawals. 

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