Press Releases

MashSSL in the News:

  • Some months ago I wrote that mashups are potential security nightmares. I also pointed to a couple of efforts to fix the problem. Today's news might be the most ambitious effort yet to lock down mashups.” , Make Mashups Secure, Mark Everett Hall, Computerworld.
  • "This is the protocol which will bring safe, trusted mashups to the enterprise.", The First Trust Infrastructure for Mashups, Dave Kearns, Network World.

  • "I think this will drive adoption of mashups, since one limiting factor of mashup use is the challenge associated with data protection and data control…," says Diana Kelley, a partner with consulting firm SecurityCurve. "MashSSL is a way for organizations to trust the source of exchanged data, as well as protect the data in transit. This reduces the 'scare factor' for some organizations associated with use of the technology.", Start-up Secures Mashups, Kelly Jackson Higgins, DarkReading.

  • I see the great value MashSSL offers to the B2B market space. This sounds like a tool that is right on the spot – timing is right, technology is right, the need is here...If you are into mashups, MashSSL is a must-have!", Are you mashing things up? MashSSL to your resque!, Kai Roer, Information Security Blog.