Membership in the MashSSL Alliance

The MashSSL Alliance has the mission of evangelizing the widespread adoption of the MashSSL protocol. We believe that creating a single open standard, based on the proven SSL protocol and SSL trust infrastructure, will lead to reduced complexity and costs for enterprises, and greater overall security. Just like with SSL, the need for MashSSL is ubiquitous, spanning virtually every type of web application across different types of industries. Its standardization affects various technology and trust infrastructure vendors. The only way we can ensure that the standard is inclusive of the various requirements of different communities is by ensuring we hear from all those who stand to benefit, and consequently we seek membership from a wide spectrum of technology and trust vendors and enterprises likely to be on the forefront of deploying the technology.

We have made membership very simple:

  1. Membership Requirements: Any enterprise which is a potential vendor or user of the technology can apply for membership. The only requirement is that you believe in our mission and will make a good faith effort to constructively advance our cause! Please click here for information on how to join.
  2. Membership Obligations: We have kept it really simple. There are no documents to sign and no dues to pay. Unless you become part of the subset of members who are working on the W3C process there are no obligations; the subset working on the W3C process has to agree to play by the well defined W3C rules on all matters ranging from conduct to intellectual property issues. If you decide to join, you are giving us permission to list the name of your enterprise and the name of the representative on the Alliance web site. Any use of your name or logo in other promotional material will only be done with your explicit consent. While you have no formal obligations, as an all volunteer organization, we encourage you to contribute in kind. Such contributions can range from explaining the Alliance goals and efforts to your local ISSA or OWASP chapter, to dedicating resources to port the existing code base to different languages and platforms. Finally, you can choose to leave the Alliance at any time at which point the name of your enterprise will be removed as soon as reasonably possible.

So what are you waiting for? Join the MashSSL Alliance!